Read And React Screen Drill:

Coming off screens is an EMSSENTIAL essential in order to be successful at a high level. Being able to come off screens and react accordingly can open up numerous options  if not only for yourself but for your teammates

Dame Lillard Step Back:

This is an effective move to create space on to get your jump shot off. Unlike the conventuals step back, this step back doesn’t require as much of a “step back” to be able to get the distance in order to get a clean shot. The distance comes from dipping your should and really making your defender believe you are attacking the rim.

Transition Pump Fake 3’s:

This drill is designed for a trail shooter in transition. Because of the transition it’s prominent that the defender who is guarding you won’t be matched up with you leaving the defence in a scramble. Thus allowing you, to take your time and sell the pump Fake due to the defender having to hustle to try and close out.

Dribble Rhythm Pull ups:

This rhythm is based off of having your defending off balance. This move is a great move to use when playing point guard and setting a play up. It also is a great drill to do to work on getting the right rhythm for your jumper.

Band Resistance Handle:

while handling the ball is a great way to be able endure any upcoming challenges or bumps during a game that might come unexpectedly

Hurdle Dribble Pull ups:

In order to become a consistent shooter one thing needs to remain constant….BALANCE. Being able to take a balance jump shot can dramatically change the results. In this drill we have a hurdle to emphasize the lifting and placing of your trail foot in order to produce a vertical jump. This not only helps with simply going vertical but also enables you to speed up your foot speed with control. Master your pull up and defenders will be left with very little room for mistakes.

In and Out Cross Over:

One of the most lethal and effective crossovers at any level. Whether to create space to get a shot off or throw your defender off balance to get by them.